Sex, Lies, and Nikolai by R.J. Lewis-A dark sexy read


Sex, Lies and Nikolai

Sex, Lies, and Nikolai is a dark sexy read about struggle. The struggle against your body’s chemistry between another and the struggle to provide for those that depend on you…including yourself. What would you do if you were offered the opportunity to ease some of your stress but at a great cost to yourself. What price would you be willing to pay to “earn” the help you so desperately need?

My Rating: 5/5


She’s never had enough. Enough money to pay the bills, enough time to spend with her sister, or enough food to eat. Going without has become the norm for Alina. She knows nothing different. She’s just trying to get by and care for her young sister. She wants a way out and sees that in an opportunity from Nikolai. She’s heard about him, the whispers of his coldness and depravity. But when she’s sees him everyday, it’s not coldness she experiences but a spark of interest. She is determined to provide for her sister at any cost. In what way will she have to earn his help?

My thoughts ya’ll:

Alina is stuck in a dead end corner store job working for Ivan, the Russian. She is in the cycle of poverty of too many bills, not enough money and no way out. Having been a broke college student and former welfare kid, I can relate to her feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

Nikolai is at the edge of her life creeping closer every day, just wanting a taste. She is riveted by his presence. She doesn’t realize just how much she wants him, craves him until it’s too late. They have intensity and passion that ignites when they kiss. It can be felt just by their heated looks. And do you feel the heat! Ooooooweeeeee. R.J. Lewis knows how to bring characters to life and steam up the pages while doing it. It was such a sensual and lust filled read.

As the darkness and hoplessness of Alina’s situation grows, Nikolai is there to save her, but it’s covered in sex and lies from both sides. The darkness is mentioned and felt, but not in the way you’re thinking. There are no chains and whips and R.J. does a tasteful job of showcasing life’s dark side of sexual assault and brutality of women without making your stomach churn as some dark reads can…not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve read my fair share, but sometimes I just can’t stomach it because I know there are women going through the exact thing at this very moment.


I don’t feel that R.J. is given the credit that is due to her. I’m not sure why, because I’ve always come away from her books with a hangover, just longing for more of the character’s stories. She makes Alina’s situation so life like and real, you feel her pain physically. The passion between Alina and Nikolai is written like an actual live wire. You feel her lust, confusion, and shame as if it’s your own.

It is a dark read, I cannot stress that enough.There are a few scenes of abuse and just plain scariness and they definitely get your heart pounding and you look over your shoulder a little more after reading it. As I said before, I tend to steer away from the darker reads because of the head space it puts me in. But I’m an R.J. fan, so I just had to read it.  She writes the hopelessness of Alina and even Nikolai with a realness that alludes to her having experienced these feelings at some point in her life.

Why you should read it:

If you’re a fan of R.J. Lewis, you must read it. If you’re not a fan yet, you will be when you’re finished. Read this because you like a little dirty with your happily ever after.

About the Author:

R.J. Lewis is a New York Times best selling author. She lives in Vancouver with her family. She’s the author of several other titles including the Ignite series and the Loving Lawson series. I know reading Sex,Lies, and Nikolai will make you want to read more of her work so check out her amazon author page here.


Think Nikolai and Alina burned up the pages with their heat too? Let me know what you thought down below:)

Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig

It may seem impossible to choose a favorite book, right? There are some many yummy, juicy plots and amazing characters out there that you just don’t feel like you can choose. Well I don’t have a favorite book, but books. A series. That series is…The Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig. Let me tell you, you will not put these books down. I felt like an addict getting my fix every time a new book to the series came out. I almost don’t have the words to tell you just how much these books affected me. People like to ask “Have you been Aleatha’d?” You’ll know once you’ve read her books…you’ll never be the same.



The Consequences series is a suspenseful, psychological, mind blowing, and sexy mind fuck (sorry mama…no other way to put it.) There are 5 books in the series. Consequences, Truth, Convicted, Revealed, and Beyond the Consequences. You should not read out of order. If you only read the first 3, you’ll have a good picture of the story and it will be complete, but it won’t be enough. You’ll become a fiend and want to know more and more. The last two books are the answers to your unanswered questions about Claire and Tony and all the other people involved in binding them together, for better or worse.

Consequences- Book 1



“Every action has consequences.

Waking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor, Anthony Rawlings. Claire has no understanding of why she’s there, but it’s been made abundantly clear—she is now his acquisition and every action has consequences.

Learn the rules to survive.

Facing incomprehensible circumstances, Claire must learn to survive her new reality—every aspect of her livelihood depends upon the tall, dark-eyed tycoon who is a true master of deception. Driven by unknown demons, he has no tolerance for imperfection, in any aspect of his life, including his recent acquisition. Anthony may appear to the world as a handsome, benevolent businessman, but in reality Claire knows firsthand that he’s a menacing, controlling captor with very strict rules: do as you’re told, public failure is not an option, and appearances are of the utmost importance.

Captivate the captor.

To fit together the pieces of the puzzle, Claire must follow his rules. Will her plan work, or will Anthony become enthralled by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination, changing the game forever? If that happens, will either of them survive the consequences?

Nobody ever did or ever will escape the consequences of his choices.—Alfred A. Montapert”

My thoughts ya”ll:

When I finished Consequences, I alternated between squealing because I was excited for the next book and my mouth hanging open because, OMG what just happened. You’ve never read a story like this in your life and I’ve only read one series since that has even come close.

You meet Claire. She’s a young woman that goes out on a date with an attractive man. He’s not all that he seems. He’s actually her abductor. She spends the night with him and when she wakes, she’s panicked and confused. She begins her journey of learning Tony’s rules, and his methods of teaching are barbaric and painful. You learn the entire reason why Claire is suffering these consequences in the first place. She learns how to survive Tony, and he learns how to love Claire.

Truth- Book 2



“Nichols endured the CONSEQUENCES of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta. 

When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and compartmentalization Claire captivated her captor. Her resilience in the face of his rule threatened Anthony’s well developed plan. He thought he taught her to behave—but domination became desire and Claire taught Tony to love.

Their passion and adoration in a world of opulence appeared perfect, yet the reality was a roller coaster of emotion. Claire’s world teetered on the edge of sanity as Antony monitored her every move. When given the opportunity to flee, Claire drove away—a fateful decision which began a well laid plan.
Unbeknownst to either of them, there were others who saw past the perfect facade of Anthony Rawlings. There were others who saw the TRUTH. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. Not just a release—a pardon. According to the law, her crime never happened!

Will it be that easy? Faced with freedom from her past—can Claire seize it? Can she build a new life, mend her broken spirit, become the woman she once was, and seek her own revenge? Or is it all a game? And does the game master have different plans?

How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Will her presence affect the future of this well esteemed man? Can he dominate twice? Is that his goal?

TRUTH continues the tumultuous saga of CONSEQUENCES, introduces new players, and uncovers more intrigue. Aleatha Romig skillfully weaves past transgressions through current deception to create a fervent world of obsessed desire. In this reality can an all-consuming relationship survive?
When buried sins are discovered they threaten not only Tony and Claire’s future—but their very lives! Will the TRUTH be revealed in time?”

My thoughts ya’ll:

I knew reading book 2, that I would still have to wait a long time before I could read the last book, which was Convicted at the time. I had been Aleatha’d and I couldn’t read this book fast enough. Claire finally has her freedom…or so it seems. Tony can’t stand not being in control and Claire still loves him. Through it all, more pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and you find the truth and consequences span way outside of just Claire and Tony.

Convicted-Book 3



Now do you see why this is hands down my favorite series? There is no question that I’ve been Aleatha’d and I’ll keep coming back again and again.”Stick to your convictions.

Against all odds, Claire and Tony have found their way back to one another, but it doesn’t mean a happy ever after. Not even close. Just when they seemed to have it all—love, respect, and the promise of a family—the game master exposes the truth and Claire’s world once again unravels. With old convictions wavering and past transgressions coming to light, the cards have changed and luck is not in the deck for Claire and Tony.

Abandon all assumptions.

Lost in a constant nightmare, who will save Claire from her past? From herself? Everyone has a hand to play, and now they’re playing for keeps. Everything known to be true is questioned. Motives are explained. The past is once again unearthed, and this time, secrets lurk between dreams and reality, between the past and the present.

The clock is ticking.

Time is running out on Claire…on Tony…on their happy ever after. When the final cards are played, will their unconventional love trump the opposition?

In the end, some will discover their bets were too high, and all will learn the most crucial lesson—there are always consequences for the truth.”

You must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions. –Denis Waitley”

My thoughts ya’ll:

After reading 2 other books from the series you feel like you know the characters and you know in your heart that they will have their happily ever after. You just want the madness, lies, secrets, and consequences to stop. Every time your heart slows a bit, wham!..Aleatha hits you with another twist. Reading Convicted makes you question everything. You find out things that make you second guess whether they will be together and it’s gut wrenching until the very end.

Revealed-Book 4



“Readers saw what happened on that fateful afternoon at the Rawlings Estate and heard about the aftermath. This fourth novel of the series is told through the men in Claire Nichols’ life and fills in the gap of time that was only previously mentioned. Like dominoes falling in a line, REVEALED allows readers to experience the shocking repercussions one by one, and witness their effect on everyone in the game.

“REVEALED: The Missing Years fills in more blanks than you could have imagined.”- Schmexy Girl Book Blog

Share the struggle as Anthony Rawlings fights for what is his as the crashing consequences of his past threatens to change his world forever. Join Harrison Baldwin as he discovers the truth that threatens his beliefs, and John Vandersol as he come to terms with his revelations. Witness as Phillip Roach decides with whom his loyalties lie, and Brent Simmons demonstrates the meaning of friendship—no matter the cost.

Readers of this series survived the Consequences, learned the Truth, and know who was Convicted, but that is not all. Do not assume that Tony and Claire’s story is complete, because beyond the conclusion of Convicted there is more to be REVEALED!

“Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.”–James Allen”

My thoughts ya’ll:

She had to write a book to answer all the questions that arise while reading the other three books. How could she not.  It’s like catching up with a friend face to face rather than over the phone. You hear so much more detail of their lives that you’ve missed out on. When I read this book, it reminded me of my love of Claire and Tony and showed me just how much was going on behind the scenes. It reignited my passion for the characters and made me think of them differently.

Beyond the Consequences- Book 5



“Secrets and deception

As the pieces of their puzzle come together, Anthony and Claire Rawlings continue to defy the odds. Together they overcame an incomprehensible beginning. Apart they endured unimaginable heartache. Reunited with family and friends, their journey continues as they navigate a dangerous world where secrets threaten to destroy what they hold the most dear.

Passion and love

Tony and Claire turn up the heat as sparks fly, passion rages, and love prevails. With only a dark glance or devilish grin, the fire that sparked in an isolated suite, continues to burn. Though no longer willing to be less than Tony’s equal in life, behind closed doors only one man makes the rules.

Choices and consequences

The safety of the Rawlings family is not debatable, and only Phillip Roach can assure that they are not disappointed. Learn how he leads old friends and new associates through the dangerous world of delusion and revenge. The choices he makes for both the family and his personal life will have consequences.”

My thoughts ya’ll:

It just goes to show how massive this story is and how many people are really involved. You root for Tony and Claire to have that happily ever after and they finally do get it. The hell they go to get there is, I’m ashamed to say, is entertaining to behold. All the questions are finally answered.

The amount of twists, turns, and angst that she put into these books still makes me tingly to this day. I remember reading Consequences and just having a ball of anxiety in my stomach the entire book from not knowing what was going to happen next. It had a cliffhanger. So I, like any other fan began to stalk. I was not happy to find out that I’d have to wait over a year for it to come out. I waited years for the entire series to be finished. But could I wait until the end and read them all at the same time? Of course not. What can I say…I’m a glutton for cliffhanger punishment.

Why you should read it:

All I can say is if you like psychological thrillers, read it. You like steamy love scenes, binge on it. Enjoy reading  strong female heroines, do it. You will not come away unsatisfied. Now do you see why this is hands down my favorite series? There is no question that I’ve been Aleatha’d and I’ll keep coming back again and again.

About the Author:

Aleatha Romig lives in Indiana with her husband and is a former dental hygienist. She enjoys writing twists, turns and anti- heroes. Want to check out her other amazing works? Head over to her amazon page and soon you’ll be aleatha’d too.


Am I alone out here? Does she amaze and torment you with her writing too? Leave me a message down below and tell me, have you been Aleatha’d?

Craving Hawk (Aces’ Sons #3)-Sexy MC Romance


Craving Hawk (The Aces Sons) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Hawk is a short, sexy, MC romance.


My Rating: 4/5


Tommy and Heather seemed like oil and vinegar. They just seem to rub one another the wrong way. No matter though. Heather was in love with Tommy’s little brother Mick…or so everyone thought. She’s kept his secrets all this time.

Tragedy struck when Mick was gunned down. His family was mourning so much loss and Heather was left to cope on her own. But life goes on.

Because of her sister, she finds herself right back with the very family that abandoned her in their grief when they go on lockdown at the Aces MC compound. There, she is reacquainted with Tommy who isn’t cocky anymore. He’s dark and nightmares about the day he lost his brother plague him. He’s still fighting through the loss. But now Heather is back. Nightmares or not, he’s making Heather his woman…no matter what.

My thoughts ya’ll:

Hawk is the self given name that Heather, the heroine, gives herself. Girl has got some balls because…who does that? Craving Hawk picks up where the last story left off in Craving Molly (Aces’ Sons #2). They are on lock down at the Aces MC compound. If you are a fan of the Aces, you’ll love catching up with all of your old friends in this book. I always want to know how my favorite book friends are up to after all this time.

Hawk has a hate, hate relationship with Tommy stemming back to her teenager years. She’s forced to be around  him during the lockdown, and all of their interactions seem to ignite with sparks. The tension between the two could really only end up in one place. You know…knockin boots. Through the story we find that she was best friends with Tommy’s younger brother, Mick. Mick lost his life protecting Tommy during a shootout and Tommy still isn’t the same. He’s definitely moody.

Tommy has been attracted to Heather all this time. While pursuing her, they are forced together because of a secret Tommy has and Hawk’s possible knowledge of it. They both know it could tear the family apart. His family believes that Tommy is taking his baby brother’s girl when in reality she was Mick’s protector and confidant. Their attraction to each other finally boils over. Tommy has the bight idea to marry Heather, yet not for the reason you’d think.

My Review:

I’m going to be honest. I almost traded this book back into Kindle Unlimited. I’ve read all of the other Aces’ Sons books as well as the original Aces series. The other books were great and Nicole is an excellent story teller. It started off a little slow and I guess I was just missing the other characters and was being snobby about meeting a new one from their world. So why did I continue reading? I knew it would get better. Maybe my loyalty to the Aces kept me from putting it down. By the end of the book, I wanted to apologize to Nicole for even thinking about returning it. I realized I really liked the characters.

Hawk and Tommy aren’t your cookie cutter, typical attractive hero and heroine. Hawk was spunky and strong. She had a witty mind and dirty mouth. Tommy wasn’t your typical alpha male asshole either…or I’m just so used to the other Aces, he almost seemed tame.

Craving  Hawk didn’t have the intensity or harshness that the other Aces stories had. There was some darkness, but there wasn’t a ton of drama…and I would have liked a little more.  It was a short read and a short epilogue would have been nice. Now after reading her twitter, I realize it’s probably because she has other stories in the series coming out, so I’ll get to see the rest of Tommy and Heather’s happily ever after.

Nicole also broke down all the characters’ relationships, which I was very thankful for. I had forgotten how all of the characters connected to each other and it made me rememeber how much I really loved them in their own stories. Reading Craving Hawk is still enjoyable if you haven’t read the rest of the series.

Why you should read it:

Nicole’s writing is excellent and will have you craving more of the Aces. Craving Hawk is a short, sexy, well written MC romance. She also gives you a glimpse into the lives of the other couples and family members from the Aces family.

About the Author:

As the author of the Aces MC series, Nicole began writing in elementary school. She lives in the Pacific northwest with her daughters and pets. If you want to learn more about her or purchase more of her amazing titles head over to her amazon page here.


Who was favorite Ace and his woman? Did you like Craving Hawk? Leave me a message and let me know:)

Sift by L.D. Davis- A contemporary college age romance

Sift Cover

A contemporary college age romance novel about finding love and enduring some of it’s pains and hardships or deciding to let it go.

My rating: 4/5


Darla is a small-town girl and some small town girls are content getting married, having babies, and settling down exactly where they came from. But others…others have a fire in them that can’t be tamed. They have to go out into the world and make their dreams come true. Darla is in the latter category. She wants to follow in the culinary steps of all of the great chefs and taste exotic foods as she travels the world. Doing that can’t be accomplished in her small town in Virginia. So after graduating high school, Darla leaves the nest and embarks on setting the world on fire with her cooking prowess.

Philadelphia is where she finds herself. It’s not exactly traveling the world, but it is one step closer. She meets Caden, a man that sparks an immediate reaction in her. Their passion for one another is all consuming and fiery from day one. After 4 years of back and forth, Caden and she are still just as intense and in their case, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Knowing relationships that burn with such intensity usually crash and burn, Darla and Caden are no different. It’s a constant, agonizing push and pull between the two. They’ve become each other’s addictions and we all know how dangerous and soul shattering addiction can be.

You have to get away from your drug of choice to find clarity. She does just that by heading back home and meets her older brother’s friend. He changes everything. He reminds her of everything she once wanted and ignites a longing for him that she never had with Caden. Will Darla’s addiction to Caden override all else? Or will the slow burning passion for Connor be just what she needs to discover her dreams again?


My Thoughts ya’ll:

Darla is an aspiring pastry chef from Virginia, with dreams of becoming the next Andrew Zimmern. She moves to Philadelphia at 18 to pursue her dream only to find love with Caden, a fellow chef. You can tell right away that they have amazing chemistry. They have an all consuming love that can often be complicated, frustrating and confusing for Darla. You can feel her frustration. Sometimes when reading, you’ll think “Well if that were me I’d…”. I honestly could feel her helplessness and confusion and could feel the pull Caden had on her. I wouldn’t have the strength to let him go either. There are some extremely intense scenes between the two. Their norm is fucking or fighting with no in between.

On a weekend home to bake a cake for her sister’s baby shower, she meets Connor. Their meeting creates the intense love triangle covered throughout the story. Darla spends a weekend with Connor confessing her love for him. This is one of the times I wanted to roll my eyes, but like I said I could totally understand her not being able to let Caden go. They had a solid, slow burning, and passionate love. You can tell immediately he is so much better for Darla.

When she confesses to him her relationship with Caden, she creates the catalyst that brings her dreams to a screeching halt in more ways than one. Her entire life flashes before her eyes and everything changes, including her future. I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say much more about the story line. She does get her life figured out and her happily ever after. But it doesn’t happen in the way you think. Her dreams change a little.

My Review:

I have been a fan of L.D. Davis since I read her book Accidentally on Purpose. Her writing draws you in and makes you want to read as quickly as possible. It immediately hooks you and makes you want more. You feel her characters rather than read about them. She did exactly that with Sift. You can’t put it down.

Darla’s character was unique and refreshing. She was well developed and you can easily recognize her strengths and her flaws. She was funny and witty as well as being vulnerable and naive. That just goes to show L.D.’s writing is amazing and as real as a fictional character can get.

Darla’s story is entertaining and you find yourself questioning what you would do in her situation. There are just the right amount of love scenes (or should I say sexy time) between Darla and both Connor and Caden.  My rating was a 4 out of 5 because I didn’t care for the ending. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel all of the epilogue timelines were unnecessary. This was a great book that had me laughing out loud and crying, especially during the scene with her Dad on his porch. Daddy/ daughter moments always make my heart melt.

Why you should read it:

Sift gives you passion, laughter, heat and some different choices in a book boyfriend. It’s an entertaining and heartfelt read made for the romantic at heart that like drama.

About the Author:

L.D. Davis is from the east coast of the U.S. and has count em…5 kids! She also has a husband and 2 cats which probably explains her affinity to daydream about escaping to a tropical island.  Her books include the Accidentally on Purpose series and of course Sift. Want to experience a book hangover? Head over to her amazon here show her some love.



My first post. Yay!



Hey Everyone! This is my first blogging experience and I’m so excited. I wanted a place to share my love of books and specifically romances. I don’t know how many times I’ve been reading a story and get to a juicy part and start squealing looking around for someone to tell. Only I have no one to tell and am met with the bored look of my dog. This is my place to squeal as much as I want and give you my honest reviews. Come along with me as I lookout for book hangovers, epic love stories and the ultimate book boyfriend.

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