Craving Hawk (Aces’ Sons #3)-Sexy MC Romance


Craving Hawk (The Aces Sons) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Hawk is a short, sexy, MC romance.


My Rating: 4/5


Tommy and Heather seemed like oil and vinegar. They just seem to rub one another the wrong way. No matter though. Heather was in love with Tommy’s little brother Mick…or so everyone thought. She’s kept his secrets all this time.

Tragedy struck when Mick was gunned down. His family was mourning so much loss and Heather was left to cope on her own. But life goes on.

Because of her sister, she finds herself right back with the very family that abandoned her in their grief when they go on lockdown at the Aces MC compound. There, she is reacquainted with Tommy who isn’t cocky anymore. He’s dark and nightmares about the day he lost his brother plague him. He’s still fighting through the loss. But now Heather is back. Nightmares or not, he’s making Heather his woman…no matter what.

My thoughts ya’ll:

Hawk is the self given name that Heather, the heroine, gives herself. Girl has got some balls because…who does that? Craving Hawk picks up where the last story left off in Craving Molly (Aces’ Sons #2). They are on lock down at the Aces MC compound. If you are a fan of the Aces, you’ll love catching up with all of your old friends in this book. I always want to know how my favorite book friends are up to after all this time.

Hawk has a hate, hate relationship with Tommy stemming back to her teenager years. She’s forced to be around  him during the lockdown, and all of their interactions seem to ignite with sparks. The tension between the two could really only end up in one place. You know…knockin boots. Through the story we find that she was best friends with Tommy’s younger brother, Mick. Mick lost his life protecting Tommy during a shootout and Tommy still isn’t the same. He’s definitely moody.

Tommy has been attracted to Heather all this time. While pursuing her, they are forced together because of a secret Tommy has and Hawk’s possible knowledge of it. They both know it could tear the family apart. His family believes that Tommy is taking his baby brother’s girl when in reality she was Mick’s protector and confidant. Their attraction to each other finally boils over. Tommy has the bight idea to marry Heather, yet not for the reason you’d think.

My Review:

I’m going to be honest. I almost traded this book back into Kindle Unlimited. I’ve read all of the other Aces’ Sons books as well as the original Aces series. The other books were great and Nicole is an excellent story teller. It started off a little slow and I guess I was just missing the other characters and was being snobby about meeting a new one from their world. So why did I continue reading? I knew it would get better. Maybe my loyalty to the Aces kept me from putting it down. By the end of the book, I wanted to apologize to Nicole for even thinking about returning it. I realized I really liked the characters.

Hawk and Tommy aren’t your cookie cutter, typical attractive hero and heroine. Hawk was spunky and strong. She had a witty mind and dirty mouth. Tommy wasn’t your typical alpha male asshole either…or I’m just so used to the other Aces, he almost seemed tame.

Craving  Hawk didn’t have the intensity or harshness that the other Aces stories had. There was some darkness, but there wasn’t a ton of drama…and I would have liked a little more.  It was a short read and a short epilogue would have been nice. Now after reading her twitter, I realize it’s probably because she has other stories in the series coming out, so I’ll get to see the rest of Tommy and Heather’s happily ever after.

Nicole also broke down all the characters’ relationships, which I was very thankful for. I had forgotten how all of the characters connected to each other and it made me rememeber how much I really loved them in their own stories. Reading Craving Hawk is still enjoyable if you haven’t read the rest of the series.

Why you should read it:

Nicole’s writing is excellent and will have you craving more of the Aces. Craving Hawk is a short, sexy, well written MC romance. She also gives you a glimpse into the lives of the other couples and family members from the Aces family.

About the Author:

As the author of the Aces MC series, Nicole began writing in elementary school. She lives in the Pacific northwest with her daughters and pets. If you want to learn more about her or purchase more of her amazing titles head over to her amazon page here.


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