5 Best Natural Exfoliators for your skin

Tired of dull skin? Wanting to get rid of some texture? Don’t want to spend money on an expensive exfoliator filled with who knows what? Well I’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out the 5 best natural exfoliators for your skin.

We’ve all been there. Looking down and seeing that dry crackley skin. Not cute. Whether it’s on your feet, your legs or your face, everyone wants to look their best and textured,dead skin can prevent us from doing that. I can’t count how many times I’ve had that ruddy textured look to my skin. The best way to get rid of that besides drinking lots of water is to exfoliate that dead skin away. It’s got ta go!

Now the list I’m giving you is of physical exfoliants, meaning you have to manually work them into the skin in order to see results. There are chemical exfoliants, but that’s a whole other post.

1. Sand

I know, I know…not every one lives close to the beach. If you do, this is an easy and free way to exfoliate. As I sit here I’m dreaming of the beaches of Maui and wanting to go back so badly. When I would go, I’d come back and feel like I had had a pedicure.  It was because  those small grains of sand massaged all of that dead skin right off of my feet. All you’ll need is to go to the beach (lake, pond, sandbox) and sit near the water line and massage the sand all over tootsies and legs.

2. Coffee

Don’t live near the beach (or large body of water)? Well use coffee. I’ve been using it for years and it works miracles. Beware, if you use it on your face, go easy because those little grounds beans can hurt. I usually do this in the shower or over my kitchen sink (easier clean up). Just take a handful of coffee and massage it into my skin. I focus on the areas where the skin tends to build up more, my t-zone and jawline…pesky hormonal acne. Sometimes I even use an essential oil such as lavender to get more benefits.

3. Sugar

Sugar is a great option if you want something a little more gentle. You can buy sugar scrubs at pretty much any beauty store, but why spend the money when you most likely have the ingredients in your pantry. Combine it with some almond, coconut oil, or my favorite jojoba oil for a great smelling and moisturizing scrub. Use the same method as with coffee and massage it into the skin. I tend to use this mixture on my legs before I shave to get rid of all that dead skin. Makes them silky smooth and makes shaving easier too.

4. Turmeric and Cinnamon Mixture

These are spices that you probably have on your spice rack right at this moment. They’re from that curry you made or those cinnamon sugar cookies you baked for that party. What you probably didn’t know is they are great anti-inflammatories and they can also help you battle your acne issues while exfoliating. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in the eastern parts of the world, not only for cooking but medicinal purposes as well.

I use both spices in a honey mask to help combat my skin problems. Just half a palm full of each and a tablespoon of honey create a soothing and tasty mask. I let it sit for 30 minutes or more. Once it’s time to wash it off, I scrub my skin in circular motions to rub off dead skin. The only drawback is the turmeric stains everything, your skin, hair, clothes and nails. So be aware of that before you put this mask on.

5. Salt

I know, just makes my poor pores sting thinking about it. Salt is great for your skin though, and it can help with acne. Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulfate and can soothe sore muscles and help the body to detox in a bath. Bonus! It can be used for the skin too. Soak in the bath and then grab a handful, you may need a partner, and work it into the skin. I’ve never used this on my face before so because cautious if you’re going to use it there.

You can use it in the shower too. Same deal just standing. Grab a palm full and gently work into the spots you want to exfoliate.


Now that you’ve gotten rid of your alligator skin, remember to moisturize so you can get that JLo glow….well we hope right?! God bless you all, lovelies! Thanks for reading!


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Do you have any other ways you exfoliate. I’m always looking for new ways to get all that dead skin off. Have you used any of these? Let me know down below in the comments.

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