8 Best Romance Novels of Summer 2016

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The 8 Best Romance Novels of Summer 2016

This summer went by quick for me…moving to the mainland, having family visit, going back to Florida for a vacation…it was crazy. But I always find time to read….scratch that make time to read. I went through many books before I came out with this list. These are the 8 best romance novels of summer 2016. Now these go in no particular order as to how much I liked them. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with the summer, but ooooh are they steamy.


1.Deception (Infidelity Book 3) by Aleatha Romig

If you don’t know about Aleatha Romig, you better ask somebody. This series is one of the few I won’t wait for all the books in the series to come out to read them. I just can’t help myself, and let’s be real here, no one likes a cliff hanger. But the wait is so worth it. Her writing style moves quickly but there are so many little details to catch, it will leave your head spinning. I wouldn’t start with this book, but you’ve been warned, they are addicting and cause serious book hangovers. Just warn your family ahead of time that you will be unavailable.


2. That Thing Between Eli and Gwen by J.J. McAvoy

This girl can write! She’s still a college student too. Her first novel “Ruthless People” was amazing. I couldn’t put it down. “That Thing Between Eli and Gwen” captures your attention from the very beginning. Eli and Gwen are so well written and you laugh out loud and cry within the same chapter. It’s a unique story and you’re rooting for Eli and especially Gwen. Eli makes you swoon in more ways than one. Do yourself a favor and read about that thing between them.


3. Unbreak My Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

I love, like absolutely love Nicole’s Aces MC books. Nicole outdoes herself with Unbreak My Heart though. Ya’ll…I couldn’t get over this story. The passion and angst just makes you weep buckets and say “Whaaaat!” out loud. But it’s no wimpy love story. It’s got some heartbreak, well actually a lot of heartbreak. It makes the love between Shane and Kate all the better for it. The military aspect of the storyline just makes me love it more, proud military brat here ya’ll.  Read this you guys. For real. Just writing this makes me want to reread this weekend.

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4. Say You’ll Stay by Corinne Michaels

I’m finding a pattern here. All these are from authors I’ve read before….what can I say? I know what I like and I go for it. I’ve read her other books and Corinne knows how to make you swoon.I’m not really into farmer stories, but she makes this girl wanna go ride a cowboy(sorry babes:/) It’s a second chance love story, which I’m not really a fan of either. Just goes to show what an amazing story teller she is. Presley is that down home girl you want to be friends with and Zach is the man you want to junk punch in the beginning. He redeems himself and Pres’s heart by the end of the novel.


5. Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

Yet another author that I will read anything she writes. Seriously, anything. I like baseball and “forbidden romances” so this story was right up my alley. Alessandra has such a way with words and she makes you think you know the characters. Really know them. I have a book hangover every single time I read one of her books. Every. Single. Time. Excellent story teller and she likes it sexy with a side of naughty;) Ty and Chase are the epitome of young and beautiful. You don’t hate them for it because Alessandra makes them so damn lovable. Tons of passion. Tons of angst. And a little mystery to boot.

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6. The Nine Minutes Trilogy by Beth Flynn

Now I know this isn’t a book but three. Believe me, if you pick up the first one, you won’t stop until you’re completely finished, book hangover and all. I almost don’t have words for this trilogy. It is that amazing! There is no comparison, but the closest writing style I can think of is Aleatha Romig. There are twists and turns that you don’t expect. Don’t be surprised if you have to go back and re-read to fact check because there are that many small details not to be missed. Grizz and Ginny have a love story that makes you want to sigh. They don’t come by it easily either. If you want a nail biting, motorcycle riding, strong heroine having, entertaining, and suspenseful romance. You HAVE to read them. Enough said.


7.Bossman by Vi Keeland

You want a sexy, steamy, passionate summer read? Well this is your story. I mean just take a look at the cover. It pulls you in and makes you want to lick your kindle screen. It’s the ultimate alpha male and leading lady. Chase is just sexy. If you were Reese, you’d jump on that too. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife all the way through this book. It’s got a great happily ever after, but the characters make you sweat it out a little bit to get there.


8. Sift by LD Davis

Last but absolutely not least. I have read almost all of her books and she did not disappoint with this one. You want some sexy time? Angst? Passion? A love triangle? Some humor? Some Real Real? This book has got it all. I love that she wrote Darla with flaws and all. She was definitely not perfect but you still loved her. She was a go getter…what’s not endearing about that? Book boyfriends left and right in this book. Even her Dad;) If you want a good summer read Sift is the book for you.



Did you enjoy them as much as I did? Did you think another book should have been added? Leave me a comment and let me know:)

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