Grow Longer Hair

8 Steps to Grow Your Hair Longer and Stronger

This is a list of 8 steps to grow your hair. Mine didn’t grow for years and I couldn’t understand why either. So I did some research and started making small changes.


I stopped using so much heat, started going longer between washes and the biggest difference I saw was incorporating no-poo into my routine. You would not believe the results (which is why I’ve included pictures). Above is from my wedding (couldn’t find a good more recent picture, but like I said it didn’t grow for years) and the one below is from a day date with my hubby. I would say my hair stayed the same length for about 4 years. I maybe had one or two inches in that time. Once I started doing these, it took only about a month before I noticed how significantly longer my hair was. They’re not as quick as the inversion method, but they’re things you can incorporate and keep up with to keep your hair healthy and growing.

1. Don’t wash it everyday.

I know this seems gross, but washing (especially with conventional shampoo and conditioner) your hair everyday, strips it of its natural oils. That makes your hair fall out easier and break easier. Which means even if it does grown, it may not be healthy looking. I tend to wash it 2 times a week max and that’s if I get too sweaty from working out and there’s just no way around it. I’ve gone up to five days without washing if I see no oil at my scalp and feel no itching or build up. Also, don’t pile it on top of your head to wash. Massage your fingers and nails on your scalp. This is part of what makes the inversion method so successful. It stimulates the blood flow and just feels good.

2. Comb it with a wide toothed comb after you wash and leave it.

Don’t play with it too much. I know it’s tempting…that just washed feel. aaaah. You’ll notice you lose less hair when you don’t play in it though and it’s less likely to break.

3. Instead of towel drying or even worse blowdrying, use an old t-shirt.

I twist my hair inside of the t-shirt (not too tight though) and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Then I braid it and forget it about. I rarely lose any hairs as opposed to when I towel dry and create friction on my precious mane. This helps with frizz. Which has been one of my hair issues for a long time. Goes with the curly hair territory.

4. Trim it.

Every 8 weeks or so. You can do this yourself at home. Part it in the middle, twist (as if you’re putting it in a bun, and use haircutting shears to trim the bottom 1/2 inch or however far up your split ends are. This keeps you from having to cut even more off in the long run. It also gets rid of that unkempt look that slit ends causes.

5. Don’t use heat.

Now are there times I want my hair to look a certain way? Yes, but I avoid heat if I can. There are so many tutorials on youtube to get curls with no heat. Try one that works for you. I pretty much live in some kind of braid or bun. Let’s face it, I can be lazy. When I use heat, its once or twice a month, if that and the heat setting is set low. I get less split ends and I don’t have to trim as much off.

6. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely.

I switch back and forth between Theorie Green Tea Energizing Shampoo and conditioner and using the no-poo method.

I would say the biggest game changer for me and why my hair finally started to grow, was switching to no poo for a while. It made such a difference in how shiny my hair was and how healthy it looked. I cannot stress how great it was for my thick, coarse, curly hair. It keeps the build up off of my scalp (which prevents your hair from growing) and saves money… shampoo is expensive!

7. Deep conditioning treatments.

I use a combination of treatments based on what I have available to me at that time. Coconut oil, almond oil or even castor oil are some of my favorites. I have made FarahDhukai’s Hot Oil treatment. I use almond oil instead because that’s the oil my hair responds best to. I’ve also used Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque sometimes. Your hair smells great afterwards. With the deep repair masque you want to make sure you don’t put it directly on your scalp. That will defeat the purpose.

8. Love your hair.

Give it a little massage while your sitting on the couch. It feels amazing and stimulates growth. I also do this when I’m washing, conditioning it and drying it. Get the blood flowing up there. It works, believe me.



I followed these steps and my hair has grown from just below my bra strap (as seen in the picture from my wedding) to me having to keep it out of my butt crack. My bangs grew from my eyebrows to almost all the way back to the length of the rest of my hair in just over a year. Give these a try and go whip that hair back and forth girl!

I mentioned above about the inversion method. I’ve seen on Farah Dhukai’s YouTube channel that you can flip your head upside down and massage in a warm oil mixture and it will make your hair grow in weeks. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to and will let you know how fast my hair grows.

If you’ve tried it let me know about your results:)

Let me know what you think!