Clear Your Skin Naturally after a Breakout of Acne

Here are 7 steps of how to clear your skin naturally after a breakout. Just a side note before we jump in- I’m not a dermatologist but these things have worked for me. They’re not products just things you can do or change to get that beautiful skin we all want. I find that when I stray from this, my skin starts to show it pretty quickly. This was the routine I used once I got off of birth control so I know there was nothing else that was affecting it.


I’ve had highs and lows when it comes to my face. Perfectly clear youthful glowing skin and not wanting to leave the house because its so terrible kind of skin. So I feel your pain…sometimes literally (those painful zits can hurt like nobody’s business). I always got clear skin and slacked on my skin care routine because I thought of it as a final goal instead of a lifestyle. So when you find something that works for you, keep it up…even after your skin is clear.

What’s causing it?

Some may find that it’s hormones, some know it’s their diet, some are just blessed with those amazing brown eyes from dad and acne prone skin from mom, and sometimes its a combination. I happen to be one of those lucky ladies in the last category. I can’t do anything about my genes, but I can clean up my eating.

I’ve found that binging on too much sugar makes my face just explode with zits. Eating clean has made a huge difference in my skin. I watched a youtube video the other day about clearing acne with an antioxidant rich diet. Check out the video here. I try to keep any added sugar from my diet period. I also incorporate as many vitamin and mineral rich foods into my diet as possible. Adding spinach and fruit to my protein smoothies. Eating more veggies than pasta at dinner. Taking a multi vitamin. All of those small changes make a difference.


I know. It seems like it may not make a difference, but sweating can help get the gunk out of your pores and circulate the blood so your skin renews itself more quickly. It also makes you feel great and keeps my stress levels in check. I’ve also noticed that when I exercise, I don’t want to destroy my progress by eating junk so I eat more healthily.


Just like with your diet, water makes a huge difference. It flushes out toxins, circulates the blood, and keeps your precious skin hydrated. When my skin starts to look sallow or grimy, I can almost always trace it back to how much water I’ve been consuming recently. It also helps with filling me up so I don’t get the cravings for high sugar foods.

Beauty regimen

Here’s the juicy stuff. Use what works. Now you know me, I am cruelty free and as natural as possible. It’s made a difference. Just like with inside your body, you want to know whats going on the outside as well. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it may not be the best for you.

To initially clear my skin, I started with Paula’s Choice Benzoyl Peroxide treatment. At the same time I’m using a charcoal face wash called Natural Body Care Charcoal Facial Detox. It’s worked great so far. But you may not have the same skin as me, so as I said before find something that works for you and stick with it. Now, once you’ve washed, tone. I use apple cider vinegar and water with a little bit of lavender oil. You can find my recipe here. Then I treat any spots with tea tree oil. I talk about how here. Now, moisturize. Use something that works for you. I don’t have a specific one I use all the time because I rotate them out. But I do make sure my day moisturizer has an spf. I mostly use Coola face spf.


These can be soooo messy but so much fun. It’s like you can be your own chemist. I use several and mix in and out the ingredients. I have to say the most effective is raw natural unfiltered honey. If you do nothing else, this will make a huge difference.

After washing, I wet my hands, grab a tablespoons worth and smear it on my face. Beware- it gets everywhere, but it leaves wherever it touched baby booty soft. I let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Longer if you can stand it, like an hour. It has been the biggest game changer for me hands down. I also use indian healing clay and apple cider vinegar. It really cleans out your pores.

When my skin is really bad, I’ll do the honey mask after my morning wash and the indian healing clay after my night wash. You can even add essential oils or spices such as turmeric or cinnamon. I’m pretty sure I remember hearing that the acv neutralizes the turmeric so use water on those days. Have fun with it, just test it out because some of these can be pretty strong.


If you see even a small difference, keep it up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done harsh things to clear my skin and end up damaging it more because of my impatience. One thing I’ve been guilty in the past of doing is picking at my pimples. So take my advice and don’t pick. It really only makes it worse by inflaming the skin and leaving dark spots behind. Let them go down with the products and diet. You make have to look at the pimple for a few days, but it’s better than looking at a dark spot for months on end.


I hope any of this information can help you. If you have different remedies I would absolutely love to hear them. As I said, I am still not completely acne free, but slowly I’m getting there and these things have worked for me.

Leave a reply if any of these things worked for you. Do you have any other tips for me? I know how miserable it can be to have frustrating skin.

Let me know what you think!