Essential Oils for Beauty

4 Essential Oils for Naturally amazing skin and hair

Essential oils have so many uses. If you want more flawless looking skin, use these 4 essential oils for naturally amazing skin and hair.

One of the perks of being married to the director of a spa is all the products I get to try and the massages I get. I’ve always chosen to have lavender oil used when I get a massage. It’s so relaxing and is hands down one of my favorite scents in the world. It’s part of what led me to start using essential oils for other purposes such as beauty remedies or diy products. That and wanting to live a more natural and cruelty free life style.

The journey to finding natural alternatives to use in my every day life has been a fun one. Learning that these oils have been used by so many throughout history makes me wonder why we got away from using them to help treat our bodies. Essential oils can be used in so many different ways including household products. I don’t use them as much for cleaning, but they make their way onto or into my body daily.

Lavender Essential Oil– You want to make sure you’re getting the real stuff Lavendula Agustufola. I use it ev-er-ry-where!

1. I mentioned in my no poo post about using it in my “conditioner”. It moisturizes and makes my hair smell amazing. 2. I also use it in my dryer. I put a few drops onto tennis balls and my clothes smell so great when they’re dry. Not over powering either.

3. I also use it in my beauty masks as well. A few drops with some tea tree oil ,which I mentioned in my natural beauty faves post, in some raw honey or combined with acv( apple cider vinegar) and indian healing clay can make all the difference in my skin.

4. I make a spray with water and use it on my feet at night to keep calm and fall asleep faster. Just 15 or 20 drops with some water and spray it on the bottom of your feet. The pores there help absorb it into the body pretty quickly.

Tea Tree Oil– This stuff isn’t the most pleasant smelling. But it works wonders in killing bacteria.

1. I use it on a cotton pad and hold it for several seconds over my acne and almost immediately it is gone. I’ve seen firsthand how it can shrink a zit over night (if it’s a monster you can use garlic although it does sting a bit). I use it on my face mostly in masks and to spot treat.

2. I used it in my homemade shampoos too.

Peppermint Oil-

1. I use peppermint oil in my shampoo. When I say shampoo, I mean using baking soda and water to make it. I add 10-20 drops.

2. I add it to my coffee with mocha flavor around Christmas time to make my own peppermint mocha drink. Who needs to spend all that money at Starbucks anyway! You only need a few drops. It’s potent!

3. You can also use it to clear your sinuses. Just dab a little underneath your nose…I’ve had allergies so I know this trick works.

4. It keeps you alert too so you can sniff it to wake yourself up a little bit. That’s why sometimes they tell you to chew spearmint gum while studying . It helps with mental clarity and I’ve even heard it can help you remember better…not sure if that’s true or not.

Rosemary Oil- I first learned to use Rosemary oil from Farah Dhukai. She has tons of great DIY hair masks on her YouTube channel. I wanted to grow my hair and make it softer.

1. When I make my baking soda “shampoo” I use peppermint and rosemary drops to to help with natural hair growth. It smells great too.

2. The mask I used Rosemary oil in is 10 to 20 drops in a couple teaspoons of almond oil. Heat it slightly in the microwave and massage into your scalp. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before a shower (longer is better in this case though). Wash it out with your normal shampoo and conditioner. It leaves your hair feeling softer and helps with hair growth.

I use these oils on an everyday basis and it feels so good knowing that I’m not putting some harsh chemicals into my body whether it’s through my mouth or my skin. I’m learning more everyday and am having so much fun adding more and more to my collection.

Do you have any that you can’t live without? Or other ways you use the essential oils that I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below:)

Let me know what you think!