Most Amazing Cruelty Free Products

I’ve compiled a list of the most amazing Cruelty Free Products of makeup, skincare, and household products. A few years ago, I decided to embark on a cruelty free lifestyle. Honestly, I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long except for ignorance and apathy (shame on you throwback Volliney). I have been an animal lover since I was a kid. We had family dogs, a cat (for a short time…allergies), and even a hamster. After learning of all the cruel and torturous things they do to test products on animals, I decided, with my animal loving husband, to go completely cruelty free. I just couldn’t live with myself if I continued contributing to their suffering.

It takes a lot of research and I’m constantly disappointed when I find one of my previous favorite products tested on animals. But the fun part is trying all of the alternatives and dupes out there. So if you’ve decided to take this journey as well, I have compiled a list of my absolute favorite go to cruelty free brands.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

I’ve used her brow wiz for a couple years…way before I knew it was cruelty free (Thank goodness!). I also began using her brow definer. I was a little skeptical at first, but I love using it now. They are expensive, but they last for a long time, so it eases the sting of the price tag.


I think I’ve been using ELF products since I was a teenager..and let’s just say I ain’t a teenager anymore;) I mostly use their brushes and I’ve tried their mascara as well. Every time I go to the store, they seem to step their makeup game up and they’ve even added skin care too. The best part is how affordable they are.


Another brand I’ve used since I was a teenager. I’m not sure if they’ve always been cruelty free, but thank goodness they are. I use their eyeshadows. The color pay off is great and they cater to darker skin tones as well. They’re also really affordable.

Too Faced

One of my favorite high end brands. They have a great range of products and my face powder smells like chocolate. Pretty hard not to lick my face when I use it. I also have their eyebrow brush.This brand is pricey so I don’t buy them quite as often as I’d like to.

Cover FX

They have a great makeup line but I especially love their foundation drops. You can literally create your own formula using them, more coverage or lighter coverage. I mixed my drops with moisturizer, spa, and primer. The drops lasted for almost a year which is a good thing because they are expensive. The great thing about Cover FX is the color choices. They do a great job of covering the undertones and a wide color range. I also use their foundation stick when I want a quick layer of foundation.

Skin Care-


I use their Mattifying BB Cream with spf. It’s so light and blendable. No white cast…even on my brown skin. Such a great product, especially for us girls who are on the oily side. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. They continue to come out with and more products every time I check their site.

Dr. Dennis Gross

I’ve been using his alpha beta peels for about 6 years now. They are amazing. Can’t say enough good things about them. They make your skin look younger. They help with brightening and getting rid of dark spots and acne. They’re not harsh or irritating. The only thing is the price. They can be expensive so I tend to use them every other day.

Paula’s choice

A great range of products that work! They have so many great products geared towards mature skin. You can never start to early in my opinion. I used to use the clear skin cleansing routine, but now I just use the 2% benzoyl peroxide. I think she offers it in and 5% as well.


My husband running a spa has its perks. He introduced me to the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. I love this stuff. It makes my skin look so good when I wake up. I’ve used their Stone crop gel wash as well. It’s such a great skin care line.

J.R. Watkins

I use this brand for body lotion and they’re affordable as well. You can get it almost anywhere. I’ve seen it in Bartell’s, Target, Fred Meyer’s and even T.J. Maxx. They have many other things in their line of products such as body soap, hand soap, and cleaning products.



J.R. Watkins

I mentioned this above. I use the all purpose spray, the hand soap, the body lotion, and dish soap. A seriously great brand…and it smells yummy. It’s been around for a long time too.

I use their laundry detergent, dish soap and hand soap. My favorite is the lavender scent. I love that it’s manufactured locally (I live in Seattle). Finding a cruelty free laundry detergent that actually gets your clothes clean, smells great, and is affordable was difficult. But they make a great detergent and I highly recommend trying it.
Dr. Bronner

I use the castile soap for everything. On my face, my dog, to clean, for makeup brushes. I even have a shampoo recipe that I use it in. You definitely want to dilute it. There are so many scents to choose from too. If you can find a place where you can pump it into your own plastic container, it keeps the price down. If I can’t do that, I try to catch it when it’s on sale.



I’m still working on finding a toothpaste that I really like. I use Toms of Maine at the moment, but I hate that they are owned by a company that does test on animals. So if you have any recommendations, let me know. Are any of these items on your must have list as well?




Let me know what you think!