Unsuitable by Samantha Towle

Unsuitable- The Dark Formidable Anti Hero


Rating: 4/5


“Daisy Smith has spent eighteen months of her life paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Now out of prison, she has only one focus—to get back custody of her younger brother, Jesse, who is deep in the foster care system. Desperate to rebuild her life and show the system that she is responsible enough to care for Jesse, she takes on the only job available to her—working as a maid at the Matis Estate.

On day one of her new job, Daisy meets Kastor Matis, the only son of the owners and her new boss. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard.

The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.

But Kas has secrets, too. Secrets that he’s determined to keep.

Secrets make Daisy curious.

And you know what curiosity can do…”

My thoughts ya’ll:

Knowing that you’re spending time in prison for someone else’s crime after being wrongfully accused and railroaded by the police is a hard pill to swallow. Daisy is angry about it, but doesn’t waste time trying to get even because she knows there’s nothing she can do about it. Being wrongfully accused is punishment in itself but, she doesn’t care at this point as long as she gets her baby brother back and her life on track again. She raised him and considers him her own. She’s accepted into a program that provides ex-convicts with work. Little does she know, she’s going to meet the man who changes her life. Her knew boss is the epitome of tall, dark, formidable and handsome. They find they can’t fight their passion for one another, but all is not as it seems. She’s in danger, but from who?

My Review:

 I heard so many great things about this book. I couldn’t wait to read it and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was free through my kindle unlimited subscription. For some reason I’m fascinated by women that have been to prison and Samantha let me into the mindset of a convicted female, even if only a little. Daisy’s character is everything you want to be when you grow up. She’s a fighter and can have a smart mouth. Strong because she’s survived a horrific injustice and is still fighting for her life, determined because she will stop at nothing to take back her life, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone…not even her knew boss. I’d be too worried he was going to fire me to give him any lip. She doesn’t take Kas’s attitude, even though she wants him and needs her new job.

Kas is well, how can you describe the hero? Maybe more of an anti-hero? He is not a suitable book boyfriend no matter how good looking he is. He’s hot and cold, up and down, and really just a jerk. Yet together they have an undeniable passion.

Their love story was what made me mark it a 4 out of 5 stars. It seemed a little predictable. I like a little more angst. Some more screaming, ignoring, or punching would have made me like it a bit more. I wanted Daisy to make him grovel more for her forgiveness. You’re worth it girl! But it’s obviously her nature. I don’t get the drama in my own relationship (Thank you Jesus!), but I want more spice in my romances…maybe that’s just me.

Why you should read it:

The plot twist at the end totally redeemed this twisted love story. I didn’t see it coming. At. All. I hate spoilers so I won’t do that to you. That just means you have to read it for yourself.

About the Author:

Samantha Towle is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best selling author from across the pond. She lives with her husband and two children. She’s the incredibly talented author of the Storm Series and my favorite the Alexandra Jones series. Want to read more about her and purchase some of her great work? Go over to her amazon author page here and show her some love.


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