November 2016 Books to stay warm in winter

Books to read from November 2016

If you’re looking for the best romance books to read from November, look no further. I read quite a few because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Eat and read, what better way to spend Thanksgiving if you can’t be near family? I just got more and more excited with every book I read because I haven’t read this many 4 and 5 star books in a row in a really long time. Chasing a book hangover is hard work, but I did the leg work for you my friend. These are the best romance books to read from November 2016.



Heat Wave by Karina Halle

Heat Wave is set in Kauai. Not my Maui nei but it made me miss the islands none the less. This book made me want to go out and seize the day while reading it. It made me want to dance naked in the rain, hold my face up to the sun, and slow dance with my husband in the street. Yes…it gave me all the feels.

I know it’s called Heat Wave and don’t get me wrong ,those love scenes were quite steamy, but the timeless love between Logan and Ronnie made me smile and sigh out loud many times throughout the book. They hate each other at first, but you know what they say…there’s a thin line between love and hate.

Karina has such a way with words and has the ability to pull the reader in. With all of her books really, but this one was close to my heart because of the islands. I do miss the chickens taking themselves for walks. Heat Wave is a 5 star read and will keep you warm during these cold winter nights.



Dirty by Belle Aurora

Where do I begin? Just looking at the cover art gives you a clear indication of the darkness of this book. When I finished Raw, I just coached myself into believing I was okay with the semi cliffhanger and went about my business. Some books just don’t end with happily ever afters and I felt it was a lesson I had to teach myself. Lo and behold Dirty comes out and I almost couldn’t believe it. I would get to read the conclusion of Lexi and Twitch’s story…or so I thought.

They are mentioned and Twitch does have a major role in this book, but it is all about Julius and Alejandra. I thought I would hate not knowing the conclusion of Lexi and Twitch, but I found my self anxious and rooting for Julius and Alejandra. Big ol’ dark handsome stoic man and a petite little woman make the cutest couples. Not that I would call their story cute at all. It is full of pain, intrigue, and suspense. There’s always a spark of hope there though. Will they get that happily ever after or not?

Be prepared if you’re a fan of this series because there is one more book coming out. Once you finish Dirty, you’ll know why.



Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

This is one of those books I debated on whether to get. Not sure why because I love Penelope Douglas. I guess I like to think I’m a rebel and so many people were raving about it on social media, I thought I’d prove them wrong. Yes I know, my thoughts are a little on the crazy side. I’m so glad I finally broke down and read the synopsis. Color me intrigued. I also tend to like books where the cover art is different. I’ve found that they are typically some of the best books I’ve read because what’s inside is always bangin.

I can say with complete and absolute certainty that Punk 57 is one of those bangin books you guys! It’s such a unique story. I was a little squeamish about the characters being in high school. I’m not a perv ya’ll promise. But both characters were of age. The suspense and drama is overshadowed by the intense connection between Misha and Ryen. The writing keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Fair warning though, not only will you love this book, but you’ll find yourself responding out loud several times.



Too Late by C. Hoover

Colleen Hoover is the author that brought us the Hopeless Series. Those books make you cry like a baby and are just amazingly beautiful storytelling. Too Late is nothing like those stories. Still amazingly beautiful storytelling, but a whole lot of dirt, pain and grit tossed in there too. Hence the reason she wrote under the pen name C. Hoover.

Sloan is in quite a dangerous and precarious position. She lives with Asa, her boyfriend of two years. He also happens to do some unsavory things such as cheat on his girlfriend, deal drugs, and use them. His obsession with her may cost her her life. I loved the angst and suspense of this story. It had me wanting to read as quickly as my eyes could take me.

I love when authors write the story from several points of view. It feels much more complete and satisfying. It’s a dark read, but you’ll rate it a 5 out of 5 too. A Great book to read if you want a break from the drama of your own life.


Close up shots of a broken glass
Close up shots of a broken glass

Black and White Flowers by Rachel Robinson

I’m not sure who her source is, but Rachel Robinson seems to really know her Navy SEAL’s. Her stories are always so real. She wrote Crazy Good, Set in Stone, and Time and Space. All amazing stories about SEAL’s and their women. She has the ability to make you feel their love, joy, and pain.

Black and White Flowers has so many little twists and gems of plot twists, that you are on the edge of your seat the entire book. There’s one or two major plat twists that had my mouth hanging open. Such a great story. You’ll gasp out loud many times, believe me. You think because of the cover it’s going to be a flowery feel good romance, but this one doesn’t just have heart, but angst, suspense, intrigue, and a whole lot of love.



Resuscitate Me by Leddy Harper

This month just happened to be a month where I found amazing book after amazing book. Of course they’re all from authors I’m already of fan of. But when you know what you like, what can you do? I’ve only read one other book from this author, but I remember being on the edge of my seat and suffering from a book hang over like no other, so I just had to read Resuscitate Me. Also, the cover art was on point. Look at it!

Kara is visiting her sister in law/ best friend over her summer break from teaching kindergarten. She falls head first into Carter… literally. They have a fleeting summer romance that ends in an unexpectedly epic way. It’s not over yet…although I won’t tell you how because you’ve just gotta read this yourself. Just know, it’s a little frustrating, a little steamy, a little heart breaking, and whole lot worth it.



Lead Me Into Temptation by Eve Rabi

This woman knows how to write ya’ll! Her books only seem to get better the more and more she writes too. This is book seven in her Girl on Fire Series. It’s more like one continuous book that focuses on different characters rather than mentioning former characters in their own separate stories like many series do. This book focuses on the super devious Scarlett. She’s the woman that you wish someone was smart enough to put out of her psychopathic misery.

As the title and cover suggest, she leads yet another man into her web of lies and deceit. Except this time she crosses so far over the line, she’ll never see it again. She seduces a minister into forsaking his marriage vows as well as his vows to God. I’m positive he’s not the first, but that woman is evil. You can’t help but want to know her story. Just shows the amazing ability that Eve has to write a villain that the reader loves to hate. You feel like she’s beating you over the head with Scarlett’s ability to get away with everything. It does end on a cliff hanger, so get ready for it. Read the entire series, you won’t regret it and you’ll become a fan of Eve and fiend for her new releases just like I do.


I hope you love and enjoy reading these books to read from November 2016. Let me know if you read any of them too or you recommend any others I didn’t mention on this list.

Let me know what you think!