January 2017 Books You Won't Put Down

Unforgettable, unputdownable books of January

With this new year came many new things. Some were more depressing than others and sometimes you need a break for your own sanity. If you’re looking for that break in the form of reading, well I have some unforgettable, unputdownable books from January that will give your mind the break it so desperately needs. Let’s dive in shall we…

***If you’re here from my Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter you will find I made a little booboo and said 8 books when really it’s 7. Sorry about that…I need a nap;/***

Sinner’s Creed by Kim Jones



First of all, for some reason I’ve been having an intense craving to devour Motorcycle Club Romances. I’m not sure where it came from, but I’ve been searching for new ones through most of the month. Kindle sent me a recover of Saving Dallas by Kim Jones. It made me remember how great the series was. If you haven’t read it, do it now! I searched the Kindle store for more Kim Jones and stumbled across Sinner’s Creed. It had great reviews, so I dove right in. OMG!!!!

All I can say is I wasn’t ready for the massive book hangover this story left me with. Granted I was getting ready to start my period, I ugly cried through the end of Dirk and Saylor’s story. I mean I haven’t cried that hard in a long time over characters. The love between the two is indescribable, but I will try my best. Definitely the story of two halves of one soul. I couldn’t get enough of them and I can say with absolute certainty it was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Everything was perfect for this story and that is saying a lot because I read hundreds of books a year. If you’re looking for an epic, all consuming, tragic love story well I would read Sinner’s Creed if I were you.


Blackwood by Celia Aaron


Pam Godwin mentioned this book in one of her tweets and I absolutely had to read it. She’s an amazing author and my thinking is, if she likes it, it must be good. I read it and was hooked from page one ya’ll. You can tell from the cover and synopsis that it’s going to be a darker read, but I didn’t let that deter me. I was ready for heat and suspense and really got it with Garrett and Elise. The mystery and suspense almost ends too soon, but you’re left with a sense of completion at the end of the book.

Most noteworthy, the heat of the truth of what Garrett is up to in the woods. Its scandalous to say the least. No spoilers here, you’ll just have to read it yourself. Celia does warn you at the beginning of the book, but I said before I was in the mood for darkness this month. The scenes between he and Elise are pretty intense. Actually all of the scenes are pretty intense and cloaked in mystery and shadows. If you like a dark romance with a lot of suspense and mystery sprinkled in, Blackwood is definitely for you.


Dawn of Eve by Pam Godwin


As I mentioned above, I’m a Pam Godwin fan, hence my love for Dawn of Eve. All of her books are dark romances. I guess the lack of sunlight in the PNW had me wanting to read darker books this month. When I first read Dead of Eve, the story stuck with me. I mean I felt like I had to tell everyone I talked to about this amazing Dystopian Romance with a kick booty herione. Fast forward to book two and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach with how it ended. Finishing the trilogy wasn’t even a question. Pam sent me an advanced copy and I flew through the pages. I was surprised my eyes could move so fast.

I had to find out how Eve’s daughter, Dawn, would save the world. Would she be as fierce as her mother? I can say she is. It was the perfect amount of suspense, mystery, and steam. Salem and Dawn were explosive together and Pam knows how to make you feel, see and taste their pain, grief and anguish so well. I absolutely went cross eyed reading until the early hours of the morning because I just physically could not put down this book. I would recommend reading the first two books, but you won’t be completely lost if you pick this one up and read it first.


Fidelity by Aleatha Romig


If you’ve snooped around my blog, you know that I’m a huge Aleatha Romig fan. And I mean huge! I cannot say enough about her amazing ability as a writer. She’s cunning and creative and has this uncanny ability to pull you into her stories and weave these immaculate tales like no other. The twists and turns in her writing will literally have your head spinning, but you have a grin on your face the entire time. If suspense is your thing, I highly highly highly recommend her writing. The characters in all of her books are well thought out and complex.

Fidelity, which by the way is not about cheating, is book 5 in a 5 book series. I’m pretty sure I’ve waited a better part of a year for the completion of the Infidelity Series. Luckily it’s all out so you won’t have the anguish that I had to finish Nox and Charlie’s story. The only thing that left me disappointed is that it had to end. Every question and injustice is answered and in such an epic way. Nox and Charlie finally get their happily ever after, but it takes doubt, questions, injustice, blood, sweat, and tears to get there. The Infidelity Series is one that I cannot stress enough that you have to read. Your t.b.r. list just got a little bit longer. You’re welcome.


The Perfect Life by Erin Noelle


This is not a new release but something told me to read it this month and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know why, but the first time I read the synopsis, I thought it would be boring. Erin Noelle is one of my favorite authors, so I’m ashamed to say it took me so long. I’m so glad I finally gave it a chance because the story totally has you saying “whoooooaaaa” out loud. The first few pages are a little ominous and they totally make you want to keep reading.

There are a few clues as to what the big secret is, and it makes you question how many celebrities and sports stars are actually living this same lifestyle. While reading, you’re definitely waiting for the other shoe to drop and it causes such major nail biting and anxiety. No need to worry though. There’s some heat in them pages. She also has a knack for weaving humor into her stories so be prepared to laugh out loud at some of the conversations. Erin makes you want to keep reading Monroe, Colin, and Oliver’s story until the very end.



Vicious by LJ Shen


I was hesitant to read this book because I noticed that it was a part 1 of a series and there’s nothing I hate more than a cliffhanger. But, no need to worry, there is no cliffhanger, just dirty, sexy, vicious goodness. The pace and dual pov of the book is perfect for this story. It is exactly what the title suggests, vicious. It really is a page turner and it makes you even more excited to learn that there will be other stories in the series.

Emilia and Vicious’s story and relationship is perfectly described as there’s a thin line between love and hate. Throughout the book you can understand why. Angst and a little bit of suspense are exactly what I love to read and the reason it’s so well rated on Amazon. Their passion for one another almost makes you want to start an argument with your husband just so you can kiss and make up.


For Life by LE Chamberlin


Finally, last but not least is For Life. It just so happens that I love stories about married couples. It’s comforting and inspiring to read about others’ struggles with something as monumental and beautiful as marriage. Frustration, love and all of the millions of other emotions that go along with being married, make you root for Cassie and Grady. So when I saw that For Life was a second chance story between a divorced couple, I had to read it.

Cassie and Grady make you sigh out loud when you read of their budding high school romance and gasp in frustration at how it all fell apart. You definitely feel their struggle to understand one another and get over their past. The passion between the two is enviable and heart warming. Also, reading For Life leaves you with an intense warm feeling of completeness and makes you want to hold your hubby that much tighter to ensure you never have to feel the loss of his presence.




So, if you’ve read any of the above books and they were as unforgettable and unputdownable as they were for me, let me know. What was your favorite book. Any that you read in January that’d you’d recommend? Tell me down below.