About Me


Hey ya’ll,

Welcome to Reading Wahine. My name is Volliney (Unique, I know. Think Volley ball and Melanie put together) and this blog was created for you. Yes you my friend! I rate and review romance novels and share natural beauty tips and recipes.

Why I did it…

I wanted to create a place where other Romance Reading Enthusiasts can not only find honest reviews and ratings of some the best books I’ve come across, but also interact with other book lovers such as themselves. It’s so much fun sharing and getting excited over a great book!

I’ve also had an intense passion for going natural in my beauty routine. This is why I share natural beauty tips and recipes. They’ve worked for me so I want to show others that it’s so easy and beneficial to go natural with their skin care routine.

But for real…what you’ll find at ReadingWahine

I want my readers to know that I’m not telling them what to do, but fan-girling about some things that I love and hoping they love them too. If you love taking a break from reality and getting lost in the world of romance, you’ve come to right place. Like alpha males with tattoos and a motorcycle or the watching the heroine fall in love while a serial killer chases her, stick around. Want to know if that book that’s being hyped all over social media is worth the read, I’ll tell you. If you like making your own products at home because you’ve made the choice to think more carefully about what goes on your body, I got you! Need a simple tip for some of your skin’s issues, it’s covered here.

A little bit about yours truly and what got me started…

I’ve always been a reader. Since I got that first Babysitter’s Club book in the 4 grade. They take you to a place that feels like home. I graduated into reading romantic suspense when I got some Kate White book recommendations from my mom. It only grew from there. I had the opportunity to read almost full time when my husband and I moved to Maui almost 5 years ago. I was looking for a job, but they just weren’t coming. So I immersed myself in the world of Kristen Ashley, Hunger Games and so much more. After finding that wonderful teaching position, I started learning about essential oils and how I could take care of all my skin care needs without having to buy expensive products that didn’t work anyway. My passion for learning more about “green beauty” was ignited and only grows more everyday.

Although I don’t have as much time to read anymore, I still love interacting with other readers and authors. I’m still learning so much about the ever changing natural skincare and beauty world. Come along on my journey to discover new book boyfriends or learn about an amazing zit zapper with me.

Want to know anything else about me? Recommend a book or product to me? Or just chat? Leave me a message below. I look forward to hearing from you! Want to know a great summer reading list? Head over to my 8 Best Romances of 2016. Or you can make your own brightening and acne fighting toner with this recipe. It works wonders. By far the most popular post I’ve done is this one. Check it out.

Mahalo for reading!

With aloha,